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cropped-wep-graphic1.jpgThe Quick Version: please contribute to the foundation work of the Women’s Equality Party Health Policy group by telling us what policy areas you’d like us to investigate and why. Here’s a quick survey (3 questions) to help us gather the information in one place. Responses by 9th April, please.

The Longer Version: at the first ever Women’s Equality Party conference in November 2016, the conference voted to adopt a seventh objective:

Equality in Healthcare and Medical Research

You can read Hannah Peaker’s (Chief of staff) article about why we need the 7th objective here.

The work on the 7th objective is getting started in earnest now and I’m delighted to have been asked to join the policy group. I’m not a medic and like many women I’ve had many interactions with the medical profession and the health service – it’s important to make the distinction – on my own account and on behalf of family members as advocate, ally and carer. I’ve experienced the best of care and worst of a medical research tradition which   assumes the male as the norm.

As with all the other objectives, WE are doing things about health differently and we’re starting with the membership. WE’d like you to tell us what’s important to you.

The attached survey is very quick (or as long as you want to make it). Please fill it in and pass it on to members and non-members (and feel free to guilt trip non-members to join or donate). The policy group is all volunteers.

Equality in Healthcare and Medical Research survey  – please send responses by 9th April.




About Rebecca Manson Jones

Theatre Director, Artistic Director of Just Jones &, a touring theatre company ( Co-Chair of What's Next?-Lewisham, part of a national movement to place arts and culture at the heart of public conversations. Inhabitant and co-creator of the Happy City, freecycler, gardener and Action Learning Facilitator. Governor at Sydenham School, Vice Chair at Oily Cart. Trainer at ITC. Founder member of the Women's Equality Party and candidate in the GLA election and first-ever WEP local council candidate in Brockley, Lewisham in 2016. Standing again in 2018 in Ladywell, Lewisham Blogging about all of those things, not necessarily in that order. No dots, no hyphens, no trouble.
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