It’s Time for a Huddle


On January 21st, London joined hundreds of Sister Marches being organised nationwide and around the world in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington. We marched in solidarity here in London to speak out against hate and celebrate the strength of our community.

I marched along with thousands of others. The atmosphere was electric and the buzz has carried me forward for these past few months. We sent a powerful message to the world that we will continue to unify in defence of our rights and our values and hold our elected officials accountable for realising religious freedom, human rights, climate justice, racial justice, economic justice, and reproductive justice in our society.

I want to meet others in Lewisham who would like to discuss ways we can keep the movement going locally as well as nationally.

Hope is a belief that what we do might matter, an understanding that the future is not yet written. It’s informed, astute open-mindedness about what can happen and what role we may play in it. Hope looks forward, but it draws its energies from the past, from knowing histories, including our victories, and their complexities and imperfections. It means not being the perfect that is the enemy of the good, not snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, not assuming you know what will happen when the future is unwritten, and part of what happens is up to us.

Can you join our Women’s March Huddle in Lewisham on April 27th at 7:30?

Event Details: We will be in the upstairs room at the Catford Constitutional Club in Catford (on the Broadway opposite the town hall). If you have any attendance requirements please do let me know.

Send me an email with an RSVP (esthermalvern •at• or feel free to just show up!

As an activist committed to achieving social, economic, and environmental justice in our society, I thought the members of WEP Lewisham might be interested in attending a Women’s March Huddle, where we will strengthen our movement by creating lasting grassroots connections, brainstorm ideas and best practices for civic engagement that can be shared with the Sister March Network, and promote our agenda with clear, actionable next steps.

The success of this movement depends on building powerful bonds within our communities and empowering a network of neighbourhoods across the country to act collectively to resist social injustice.

Please consider RSVPing to attend and let’s work together to show the world that this movement for social justice isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

See further details here.

The only power adequate to stop the Trump administration is civil society, which is the great majority of us when we remember our power and come together. And even if we remember, even if we exert all the pressure we’re capable of, even if the administration collapses immediately, or the president resigns or is impeached or melts into a puddle of corruption, our work will only have begun.

That job begins with opposing the Trump administration but will not end until we have made deep systemic changes and recommitted ourselves, not just as a revolution, because revolutions don’t last, but as a civil society with values of equality, democracy, inclusion, full participation, a radical e pluribus unum plus compassion.

With thanks to this article for the quotes.

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One Response to It’s Time for a Huddle

  1. justRMJ says:

    This is a terrific post Esther. well done for getting this going. And thanks. RMJ


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