7 principles of public life

At our first WEP Lewisham candidate workshop in March to mark International Women’s Day 2017, there was a discussion about the qualities of a Councillor as against the stereotype perception (this came up as a talking point at Lewisham Council on Tuesday at our presentation on Barriers into Politics).

Today I’m reading up on School Governance because I’m just beginning my journey into being a school governor at Sydenham School and I found this by Lord Nolan:

The Seven Principles of Public Life

  1. Selflessness
  2. Integrity
  3. Objectivity
  4. Accountability
  5. Openness
  6. Honesty
  7. Leadership

Here at WEP we like the number 7 quite a lot; we have 7 objectives, so here’s a fun and deadly serious game you can try as we have just 7 weeks before the snap General Election… (and just 2 before the Council Elections outside London):

Write to the person you are considering voting for (and even if time to the others too) and ask them to exemplify how their record stacks up with the 7 principles of public life and how they can demonstrate their active and ongoing commitment to the 7 objectives  for women’s equality:

  • Equal Representation  (no points for already being a woman) in politics, business and public life (arts, culture, sports, governance and others)
  • Equal Pay and opportunity
  • Equal Parenting and Care-giving
  • Equal Education
  • Equal Treatment by and in the Media
  • Equal Healthcare and Medical Research
  • An End to Violence against Women and Girls

And then – find 7 people to do the same and persuade 7 people who aren’t registered to vote or are not interested, to vote both in the Council Elections and the General Election.

Let us know what they say on Twitter by tagging @justRMJ and @WEPLewisham


About Rebecca Manson Jones

Theatre Director, Artistic Director of Just Jones &, a touring theatre company (www.justjonestheatre.org.uk). Co-Chair of What's Next?-Lewisham, part of a national movement to place arts and culture at the heart of public conversations. Inhabitant and co-creator of the Happy City, freecycler, gardener and Action Learning Facilitator. Governor at Sydenham School, Vice Chair at Oily Cart. Trainer at ITC. Founder member of the Women's Equality Party and candidate in the GLA election and first-ever WEP local council candidate in Brockley, Lewisham in 2016. Standing again in 2018 in Ladywell, Lewisham Blogging about all of those things, not necessarily in that order. No dots, no hyphens, no trouble.
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One Response to 7 principles of public life

  1. justRMJ says:

    I do think there’s one thing missing from Lord Nolan’s list – I think there should be a mention of Inclusivity. It’s not in any of the break out points and until you can take it as a given, it needs to be explicit.

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