Building Excitement for Politics


Over the past few weeks something has been bubbling up inside me. A rush of excitement, a sense of anticipation, a need to check news websites with occurring regularity. It’s oddly familiar but not something I’ve felt since I was a teenager and very into a certain Irish boy band* awaiting the latest single release, tour dates announcements or latest piece of news. But instead of pop music its the WEP manifesto due to be released soon that I will be pouring over and telling all my work colleagues about. It’s the dates of the next Party Conference that I can’t wait to attend to debate issues with others. It’s the announcement of WE candidates that has got me excited about knocking on complete strangers doors to spread the word by canvassing.

I used to think that ‘politics’ and making the laws of this country was something that happened in some special place by special people. It is special but its fully accessible to us all. And I want a seat at the table, in fact I will be demanding it. I want someone who represents me and what I believe in to be heard and taking part in the debate. In fact that person could one day be me.

I never thought I’d be someone who got excited by politics and 6 months ago I wouldn’t have given a snap general election much thought other than an eye roll. But the Women’s Equality Party has given me something to believe in, a sense of real possibility, a feeling that I’m not wasting my energy by spending time discussing issues, canvassing, and demanding the establishment take notice of WE and what WE stand for.

If you want to feel the same, come join us.

*Boyzone, not Westlife just to establish my cultural credentials here 🙂

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