Lysistrata – A break from canvassing and …. a reason to inspire us to do it.

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I’ve been out and about canvassing  quite a lot recently for Celine Thomas (Tunbridge Wells), Tabitha Morton (Liverpool Metro Mayor) , Harini Iyengar (Vauxhall)  and soon for Sophie Walker (Shipley). It’s all new to me this time because I’m not currently standing as a candidate. Walking, listening, persuading, learning.

It hasn’t left much time for blogging.

I’m also prepping for a project which looks forward to the day when all of this is over with: The Day the Patriarchy Died which will be a scratch one-night only affair as part of the Brockley Max Festival – as luck has it, the day after the General Election. (get involved here)

As I’ve been looking into this project, I came upon this short film – the genius vision of a feminist ally and friend of mine Dr Helen Eastman of Bare Faced Greek.  It’s inspired by Lysistrata – the ancient Greek…

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About Rebecca Manson Jones

Theatre Director, Artistic Director of Just Jones &, a touring theatre company ( Co-Chair of What's Next?-Lewisham, part of a national movement to place arts and culture at the heart of public conversations. Inhabitant and co-creator of the Happy City, freecycler, gardener and Action Learning Facilitator. Governor at Sydenham School, Vice Chair at Oily Cart. Trainer at ITC. Founder member of the Women's Equality Party and candidate in the GLA election and first-ever WEP local council candidate in Brockley, Lewisham in 2016. Standing again in 2018 in Ladywell, Lewisham Blogging about all of those things, not necessarily in that order. No dots, no hyphens, no trouble.
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