General Election 2017 – WEP Virtual Hustings


Announcing the Women’s Equality Virtual Hustings – General Election 2017.

Here in Lewisham we aren’t standing any Women’s Equality Party candidates in the General Election this time  but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask the other candidates what they will do –  if they become our MP  – to promote women’s equality in the next parliament.

Who of the candidates standing across the three constituencies in Lewisham really has Women’s Equality as a priority? Who will act on it and hold the next government to account?

Our virtual hustings provides an at a glance comparison of all the candidates’ responses to our policies and our 7 objectives. We’ve also sent them the link to the WEP manifesto (#nickablepolicies)

With over 600 members and registered supporters locally, 1000 followers on Twitter and 500+ followers on Facebook (not to mention the individual following of those members) our votes and influence are worth having.

The questionnaire is making its way through the internet to all the candidates today and we’ll be posting their responses as soon as we get them.

Subscribe to this blog to see them in full.

As in any hustings, we will be posting the responses impartially, without fear or favour as long as they are adhere to our code of debate and T&CS sent to the candidates. Comments from the public will be allowed in the same spirit and will be moderated. WEP Lewisham reserves the right not to include material if it breaches our code of behaviour on social media or if it is not material to the debate.




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