WE go Canvassing

Slide1WE discovered that canvassing isn’t a dark art and it is a lot of fun. And if we really want to change our city for the better, getting to know it door step by door step is important.

WE had a fun time exploring the idea of canvassing and speaking up for WE at the Albany this week.

It’s much easier than it might seem, because it’s something you already care about. To refresh your memory or if you couldn’t make the training, we’ve put together a few tips to help out along the way.

If you find other suggestions helpful, you can post them up too.

Three things it’s always helpful to remember:

  1. Your own reason for joining the Women’s Equality Party. It’s personal to you and there may be at least 45,000 reasons and counting…
  2. Date of the London Mayoral Election – 5th May 2016 (register by 18th April to vote).
  3. Our 6 objectives:
  • Equal Representation
  • Equal Pay and Opportunity
  • Equal Parenting and Care-giving
  • Equal Education
  • Equal Media Treatment
  • End Violence Against Women & Girls

There’s some more detail in our guide.WE go canvassing 1