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The Women’s Equality isn’t working in a vacuum. As a non-partisan political force, we understand the value of collaboration and the importance of giving credit to what has come before, to make what comes next the result we all want.

The content on these links is not generated by WEP Lewisham they are here as a guide – use with the usual cautions.

The Women’s Equality Party  – main site

Policy areas:

The WEP policy work is rooted in our crowd-sourcing of ideas, solutions and the bits that other parties overlook. Here are three current areas we’re looking into or are collaborating on with other political entities.

Barriers to Politics – we’re evidence gathering for a panel at Lewisham Council in April 2017. If you’re here after this date, please contribute we still want your thoughts.

Women and Health – the new policy group for the Women’s Equality Party is canvassing all members about what our new policy objective needs to be focusing on. Deadline 30th April 2017.

Violence Against Women and Girls in Lewisham – deadline 30th April 2017

Getting involved in politics:

The Parliament Project – a non-partisan project created to help women get into politics as candidates and representatives at every level.

Parliament Explained Podcast – series of 3 x 15 min podcasts giving Parliament 101.

How to become an MP link from Parliament. Suddenly of more interest to some of us. Whilst most of the major parties use selection processes, WE operates differently and if you’re not ready this time, no harm in reading up in preparation. – RMJ

Inspiration, evidence and fuel:

Dangerous Women Project – not quite sure why I haven’t seen this before – a year of submissions about what it means to be a dangerous woman, inspired by the misogyny of the internet. At the moment I particularly like this piece by Rosemary Harris about Lewisham’s own Rosa May Billinghurst. – RMJ

Women’s Resource Centre – women’s video stories about everyday inequality – RMJ

The Fawcett Society – UK charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.

Organisations working with Women involved with the criminal justice system:

Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk, – www.weareagenda.org – see their latest  report for the Lammy Enquiry : “Double disadvantage” -The experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women in the criminal justice system

Women in Prison charity founded in 1983 by a former woman prisoner – http://www.womeninprison.org.uk

Violence Against Women in Girls

If you need advice on any kind of VAWG – there is a good list of organisations here: http://www.refuge.org.uk/links-and-useful-numbers/